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ALL courses meet inside The Cluntergate Centre, Cluntergate, Horbury,WF4 5DA unless stated otherwise.

Fit Fun Five

This course takes total running beginners up to 5km over 8 weeks.

This course is led by UK Athletics qualified leader Sarah Blackburn. They will use a system of walk / jog sessions to build your stamina and fitness and importantly allow your body to adapt to the exercise. This system of increasing slowly is key to prevent injury.  Over the course of the programme you will steadily build your jogging distances / times whilst reducing your walking until you can comfortably jog / run without the need to walk. As a group there is then the option to complete the course with a free 5km Park run. Leaders and other Comets group members are there to support you on your fitness journey. The leaders will also provide plans for sessions you can complete in your own time either by yourself or liasing with other group members via the Fit.Fun.Five. dedicated Whatsapp group.

The course cost £20 for the full 8 weeks paid in advance (Please use the PayPal link below £21 inc. PayPal fees or request bank transfer details). Payment secures your place. If payment hasn’t been received 1 week before the course we will open up your place (sorry but this has been due to people not turning up after holding a place). Thanks

“Brilliant course! I cannot recommend this enough. I went from a complete beginner (not being able to run 1 min) to being able to run 7.5km at the end of the course.”

Kirsty Nicholson – Fit.Fun.Five course 2016

Train for Ten

Following on from our successful Fit Fun Five courses some of our runners are keen to increase the distance. We can now offer a structured plan over a 10 week period, which will incorporate strength training; endurance training, speed training, flexibility and coordination. There will be drills together with advice and guidance to improve your techniques to get you to 10k. Utilising a number of coaching styles we will introduce you to the fundamental running skills to help you grow as a runner whilst still keeping the fun element of our group.

The cost is just £20 for a 10 week programme based out of the Cluntergate Centre in Horbury. Run by Comets, a not for profit, women only group dedicated to fusing fitness with fun and led by one of our UK Athletics qualified leaders (Leadership in Running Fitness) you can be assured that you’ll be well looked after!

Payment / Booking info

To sign up for a course please follow the 3 steps below;

* Use the Contact Us page to let us know your interest in the course

* Pay either using  Paypal (, or let us know if would like to do a bank transfer option to secure your place, PLEASE use the correct course code and your name as payment reference.

* Complete the Pre-session health questionnaire using the link below.

Pre-session questionnaire

Thank you and hopefully we’ll see you on a course soon 🙂

Fusing Fitness & Fun